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What to do on your 'should have been wedding day"

For many couples, 2020 was the year they were due to say their nuptials in front of their loved ones. Unfortunately 2020 has had other plans, many have postponed - some for a second time!

It can feel extremely anticlimactic (not to mention disheartening) having counted down the days for over a year, to then get to the date and for the wedding not to take place.

So if you want to commemorate the should/could/would have been day, here is some inspiration for what you and your partner could do....

1) Photographs!

Something you take away from your wedding to remember the beauty of the day and all the key moments, is the photographs.

Why not have some (socially distanced) portraits taken of you and your partner to remember not only that it is your should have been date, but that it is a hurdle that as a couple you have had to face and have overcome.

Emma DB Photography is currently offering socially distanced photoshoots - You can still get glammed up and pose for a couple of shoots that you will be forever able to look back on.

[ Insta: @emmadb_photography - Based in Northamptonshire]

2) Cake!

I am a massive lover of cake, and know I would be upset about not tucking in to a masterpiece of cake. Why not order a celebration cake, to celebrate your new countdown - you can still cut it and even feed each other (or just smear it over each others faces)!

The Whimsical Cakery not only offer beautiful small celebration cakes, but are also offering sample boxes, each box has eight flavours for you to devour, to name a few: 'Lemon & Elderflower', 'Strawberries & Champagne', and 'Rich Chocolate'!

[ Insta: @thewhimsicalcakery - based in Northamptonshire]

3) Make a toast!

One of my favourite parts of a wedding day are the speeches. Just because the day may not be happening on the intended day you can still celebrate, share a toast and raise a glass! Thanks to the wonder that is Zoom, Facetime and Skype, you can still force Dad into saying a few words!

Whilst enjoying a toast why not have a fancy beverage! If you are a fan of cocktails take a look at The Occasion Bar who have created a cocktail box for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! The boxes include 6 cocktails, all ingredients, fruit garnish, ice and the hire of cocktail equipment & glassware.

[ Insta: @theoccasionbarco - based in Northamptonshire]

4) Cheese-ey date night

Whilst some have a sponge cake others decide on a cheese - cake for their wedding day! If you are both a cheese fan, why not enjoy a cheese board and a nice glass of wine. Create a romantic date night for you both to enjoy eachothers company - the day was supposed to be celebrating the love you both have for one another, you can still celebrate that just the two of you!

Absolutely Vintage are currently providing Cheese boxes to your door, they include a variety of cheese, biscuits, chutney, pate and other nibbles!

[Contact absolutely vintage on Insta: @absolutelyvintage or email:]

5) Garden Picnic

A date night may be your cup of tea but if you fancy something different to cheese, why not have garden picnic - you can enjoy the great outdoors as well as each other company. During your date night you could even share some pre-wedding vows with one another! If you fancy going all out for your date night and making your garden feel not quite like your garden but a real date environment, take a look VIParty Hire who can provide a garden party set up perfect for date night!

[Insta: @vipartyhire - based in Northamptonshire]

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