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We're Back!

WE’RE BACK! and we are celebrating with cakes and bubbles !

2019 was a year of learning, developing and testing the waters for NoahBella. We’ve been a bit radio silent since October for a few reasons, first of all we had a lot going on behind the scenes in our private life, we also had a few issues with servers and mainly, I wasn’t completely happy with where NoahBella was going and I felt I needed to re-evaluate my plan.

I initially wanted NoahBella to be a marketing company for small businesses, this was because NoahBella was created with the intention of helping other people in similar situations to mine.

I wanted to be back in work building a career but I didn’t want it to come at the cost of having to put my baby, in his first year of life, in to childcare.

I wanted to create a situation that meant I could be flexible whilst still working.

NoahBella was going to deliver marketing and PR services to these small businesses, as it was what I had spent three years studying at university – it felt like a waste not utilising it.

I have loved testing the waters with NoahBella last year however I have really looked at what I was doing and what I could do with Noahbella to ensure I am enjoying it and building something to be proud of.

Which is why we have had a complete rebrand and a complete new direction.

I am SO so excited to introduce: NoahBella Wedding & Events coordination.

This is an industry that I have loved, blogged about and worked in since I was 16! It became very obvious that it was what NoahBella should be and felt crazy that I hadn’t initially set the company up in the events industry.

NoahBella is a coordination service as oppose to a planning service as it will be coordinating wedding and events for those that live in the city and wish to have a countryside wedding.

We will visit and gather all the information from potential venues and vendors and bring it directly to you, taking in to account all factors and logistics to ensure you have all the information and know exactly how the day will run. We also provide and on the day service to ensure that everyone and everything is exactly where you want it without you having to leave hair and makeup!

You can see all our services on our website:

Or alternatively send us an email or Direct message!

There are a few individuals that I could not have done without this past year, I will always be grateful and always inspired by you.

We can't wait to see what this year holds! We will be using our social media channels and our blog to document not only what’s going on in the business, but life behind the scenes and to support other small businesses that we love along the way!

We are so looking forward to the next year, we really hope you will enjoy following our journey too!

All our love,

J & N x

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