• J Moran

"They call us dreamers but we're the ones that don't sleep"

This quote feels extremely relevant.

It is currently quarter to two in the morning and I am running on pure determination to get my website up and running, my two month old is fast asleep next to me and will definitely be wide awake once I decide to go to sleep.

But that's what you do.

When starting a business you don't get to do easy hours and work when convenient, at the beginning (and from then on) there is a lot of late nights, long hours and barrels of coffee. Which is what people don't see, when looking at a business online what people see is a talent and people assume because an individual is talented it's easy for them but thats a lie. Some people are born with a talent but that doesn't mean they haven't worked away and crafted their skills to make it profitable for themselves, they will have endured their fair share of struggles and late nights to get to where they need to be.

Nothing worth having comes easy because if it did everyone would have it.

Next time you see a little business and think wow they're talented, support them because remember they worked hard to become talented. Showing them some support doesn't mean you have to purchase what they offer, but don't underestimate what a follow or a like can do for a little business.

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