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Say Hello to the Supplier - Maisie Darling

As businesses are returning and most being able to reopen their doors, it seemed very appropriate to write this blog about one the wonderful suppliers from the wedding industry.

With the restrictions beginning to ease, we were lucky enough to be able to (socially distanced of course!) enjoy some cake and have a chat with the lovely and very welcoming Charlotte, owner of bridal boutique 'Maisie Darling' in Lutterworth.

Arriving at the boutique, it is easy to fall in love before you have even stepped past the front door. A stunning window display that definitely entices you, and the cutest vintage bicycle outside, this bridal boutique has a fabulous vintage feel.

Maisie Darling is thoroughly British, the dresses that Maisie's is home to really do showcase the talent that is here on British soil. Charlotte tells us "When I ventured into the bridal industry I researched nearly every single bridal designer. I finally thought, why would I choose anything other than British wedding dress designers? They know our culture, our society, our trends, our body shapes. They know wedding themes and venues in this country - they know British women better than any other designer in the world".

Charlotte hasn't always been in the wedding industry, for her first fifthteen working years were devoted to teaching dance. With a passion for dresses, shoes and handbags, alongside a romantic personality Charlotte has created the perfect environment to help brides to be find their 'signature' dress.

This beautiful boutique is a setting that creates a personal, friendly and trustworthy experience for all brides. What I love about Charlotte and her boutique is how inclusive it is - if you were nervous about wedding dress shopping there is no doubt that Charlotte will make you feel welcomed, relaxed and comfortable.

Designers featured at Maisie Darling include: House of Mooshki, MiaMia Bridal and Lyn Ashworth. Charlotte enjoys showcasing their creativity and talents, she describes them all as "uniquely wonderful".

The question I had for Charlotte was 'who is Maisie?', and in Charlotte's words: "Maisie Marling is my Grandmother and was the most glamorous and chic woman that I have ever met. With a fabulous vintage 50's style, Maisie would not leave the house without her lipstick on and her handbag over her arm. She inspired the boutique and the atmosphere that I have created. The boutique also features lots of Maisie's own possessions, helping us keep her glamour alive".

It is easy to see that Charlotte has inherited her grandmothers passion and eye for glamour, and it was absolute pleasure to visit this beautiful boutique.

If you would like to visit Maisie Darling, head over to

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