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Elope, elopement or eloping, these may have been words you had never even heard of until recently (you may still not be aware of them).

Eloping (official definition) is when you and your partner run away to get married, without telling anyone. Recently it has become more popular, partially due to the current state of the world - with so much chaos, uncertainty and disruption, for some it is the perfect time to declare your love to your soul mate.

We have recently teamed up with the stunning venue Long Furlong Farm, and some of the very talented suppliers in Northamptonshire to create an all inclusive elopement package perfect for couples that want to run away to the beautiful countryside and say their vows. We wanted to create a day, that despite being intimate is still very much special.

It's the best date you could ever go on!

Why might couples choose to elope?

Well firstly, with the Covid crisis disrupting life as we know it, planning a wedding has not been the easiest of tasks. Some couples have not only had to reschedule once, but some up to three times! There comes a point where the fun and joy is taken away, and you re-evaluate the important parts of the day...marrying the love of your life.

This doesn't stop you from having a big blow out celebration with your loved ones at a later date. You could even throw a great big shindig, put your gown/suit back on and celebrate on your first anniversary with everyone you love!

For some couples family politics, seating plans and a never ending guest list may play a part in why they choose to elope. It is YOUR day, so if planning becomes about pleasing everyone else on your special day, eloping is a great way to forget all that and keep it all about you as a couple and what is important to you.

Weddings can be a costly affair, some couples would prefer to invest that money in to a house or an extended honeymoon, but it doesn't stop them wanting to be legally wed - which is why it can be the perfect option! They also then have the option to have a party at a later date or even renew their vows in front of loved ones in the future.

All the fun with a smaller party...

Don't be fooled into believing that by eloping you miss out on the traditional parts of a wedding!

There are no rules as to what you have to wear, if you would rather wear a pink jumpsuit, go for it! If you want to wear that bridal gown you always dreamed of - go for it! Be comfortable, it is your day and there is no one to judge your choices.

(Maisie Darling in Lutterworth have some beautiful tea length dresses by British designers that may just be perfect for you!

A photographer will still photograph your ceremony and get some beautiful shots for you to look back on and show your friends and family! If you decide to have a celebration at a later date you could always turn them into a slideshow and have them playing for your guests to enjoy.

You can still have cake! You don't have to give up the cake, a single tiered cake can be made just as special - and you don't have to share!

For some couples it is the perfect option when getting married - if this is you and you are interested in finding out more about the elopement packages we offer, send us an email at and we will be more than happy to help and answer any wedding related questions you may have!

Photographs taken by Emma DB Photography.

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