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A Bridgerton Bash?

So who has been binging the new series Bridgerton on Netflix (who hasn't?!)?

I am guilty, and have to say it was two days well spent! I cannot explain how happy the announcement that it has been renewed for a second season made me.

For those of you that haven't, I would 100% recommend. As Rege-Jean Page described it "it is Jane Austen meets Gossip Girl, with about 34 shades of grey". The costumes and sets are grand and majestic, the scandals are captivating and it was the perfect thing to indulge in after the year we have all had.

We live in a society where we are easily influenced, I mean being an "Influencer" is now a full time job, so it is fair to say latest trends tend to follow what we have been introduced to through TV, film and social media.

With the likes of TV shows such as Bridgeton and The Crown being chart toppers, I look forward to seeing the regal trends re-entering the wedding world, whether that be through the classic updo hairstyles with jeweled accessories or dresses with a corset structure.

The thing I loved most about Bridgerton, was although it was set in the Regency Era in England, they experimented with colours and wasn't just the expected muted pastel and cream colours.

So, dear reader, how can you add Bridgerton to to your wedding?

It is not just about what is on the plates or in the glasses, the details of the crockery will complete the decor. Perhaps a gold rimmed flute or a crystal wine glass will bring your guests right back to the Georgian Era.

Whitehouse Crockery have a lookbook that could inspire any Duke or Duchess. Adding a charger plate and cutlery to match your theme lifts your theme off your table.

Bringing the outside in.

The use of decorative florals in Bridgerton is artistic. Giving flowers height and lifting them off the table creates a floating focal point. The use of flowers combined with candlelight, creates a romantic and intimate setting. Florals portray your colour scheme with a fresh look to the taste of any Bridgerton.

Move over disco balls, hello chandeliers.

There has been an increasing popularity for barn weddings over the years, however if you are looking to throw a Bridgerton bash a stately home may be more to your taste. Holmewood Hall would provide the perfect backdrop for such an event, the perfectly manicured lawns and reception rooms emits elegance and wealth.

Costume designer Ellen Mirojnick created an astonishing 7500 costumes that had us swooning. Whilst the wardrobe belonging to the Featherington's may not be where you are taking inspiration for your bridesmaids (well that depends how mean you may be feeling), you may take inspiration from The Duke and his rich velvet dinner jackets and embroidered waistcoats. On his wedding Mirojnick created a suave look for Hastings; a black velvet jacket, an ivory waistcoat with gold buttons and an ivory cravat. Perhaps we will see the velvet jacket become as popular as the tweed jacket has been over the years.

I can't wait to see the Bridgeton weddings of 2021... when the season finally begins.

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